A little bacground of myself and this project

Some words about me and the motivation behind this project. You can skip this if you are here for bitbanging 🙂
I’ve been working as an engineer in a Hungarian company for more than 7 years. As a development engineer I’m working on the professional audio/video area, but I also worked on embedded USB developments for quite a long time among others (embedded webservers, GUI development etc). So this is one part of my motivation.

I’m also interested in DJing since high-school. I used to work as a dj in my free time during university. I collected vinyls for years and played mostly hip-hop, funk and break music from my loved Technics 1200s. In the past few years it’s just a hobby. I switched to DVS (digital vinyl) or timecode from real vinyl. I also bought my iPad+ Reloop Beatpad controller combo for small gigs so I don’t have to do weghtlifting and carry my turntables, laptop and mixer. Actually this is what gave me the idea of this project.

I am using Algoriddim Djay Ipad app with my Beatpad, and I really like the controller and the software as well. I’ve had at least 25 all-night parties so far with this setup. The software is one of the bests I’ve used. Big waveforms with big beatgrids. Almost peerfect song analyzer. No unneeded stuff on the display, just waveform, time and tempo. I know some people says it’s not REAL mixing, but I like the SYNC function of this software. It works very well and saves me a lot of time while I’m playing quick mixes. It saves about 30 seconds at least in each song, which is useful because I’m usually working 5-6 hours and not playing preorganised sets, just on the fly. This extra amount of time is useful for figuring out the next songs.

One thing I don’t really like about controllers in general, is the jogwheel. I’m a scratching or a hip-hop type of DJ with a 2 channel battle mixer and 2 turntables. I am used to the 12” vinyls, the torque and that the platter moves. And that’s what I love about mixing. But unfortunatelly Algoriddim Djay does not have timecode capability, so I cannot connect my turntables to it. There are some youtube videos where Beatpad + Djay is used for scratching. My personal opinion is that it can be done with the controller, however I feel some lag or latency, sometimes some drift. It can be my fault, maybe I need some more practice to scratch with jogwheels, but still.

That was the point where I decided to figure out how to connect my turntables to my iPad. It was a year ago.


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